So you'd like to order a print?

First of all, thanks!  You have no idea what it means to me that you would consider one of my pieces to display  in your home or other personal space.

Once you've decided on a photo(s) it's as simple as clicking on the "buy" button and selecting the photo . You will then be directed to a page where you can choose a size, finish and possibly crop.

A few things to consider

If you are unsure of a finish I would suggest Lustre as it is a comfortable medium and generally what I proof photos on.  This is where the environment where it will be displayed is so important.  If it is an area with high glare/bright lights a matte finish may reduce unwanted reflections on the photo itself. For a dimly lit area, where glare isn't an issue a Glossy finish may give it some extra brightness. IF in doubt just choose Lustre . See there.... I just made it easy for you .

Sizing. Not all photos are available in all sizes. Many photos can be cropped down to another size using the tool in the checkout. For photos that can't be printed in their native size (think 16x9)  you can select "no crop" which will allow you to print one size up with a white border top and bottom. This can be framed with the borders or simply cut the borders off to frame.

I do not print these myself. I have teamed up with Smugmug to host this page and the printing is done by a pro shop that I have tested myself for quality. SmugMug offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the print .......if you don't like it they will make it right. That simple.

After the purchase you may receive a message of a 4 day delay. Some of the photos require a separate file for optimum printing (nothing YOU need to worry about) and the 4 days is to give me time to send that to the printer. USUALLY I can have that done by the next weekday, the 4 day window is on the  chance I'm out on the road looking for awesome and can't get back in time.

I can do custom work

Many photos can easily be converted to black and white  or sized different if you have a specific application.  Contact me and lets talk. Really, I'm a pretty nice guy, I'll help if I can. 

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