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So hey, my name is Dave, but you probably know that by now. 

I'm just a guy who loves nature and somehow got in over my head in this whole photography thing.  I think it happened by accident really.

You see,  I've been observing nature my entire life, from a kid hiking, camping and backpacking  to motorcycling through some of the most awesome scenery created, I've always just felt right when I'm outdoors. Somewhere along the way it went from being an escape from real life to becoming a reality of it's own.

I've seen so many sights that took my breath away. I've almost felt selfish at times for not trying to share it with other people. I've also felt the disappointment of showing friends snapshots from these places and getting a very underwhelming response of "oh, that's nice".  I'm thinking, "NO! You don't get it......it was AWESOME"

So my first real efforts in photography were to try and bring some of that feeling home with me to share. Learning the mechanical and science aspects of a camera were pretty straightforward and learning basic composition  was a platform to let the creativity grow.  At some point  it went from a tool to document my travels to an obsession .

And  that's O.K.

Here's what I never expected.....all that photography has taught ME.  Which is how to completely immerse myself in my surroundings and notice details right in front of me that I've overlooked my entire life.  How to slow down and enjoy the moment. How to be quiet and observe.  How to go from being an observer of an awesome moment to feeling like I'm part of it .   

Sometimes photographers get caught up in "being a photographer" and it's all about getting the shot. Or maybe even just being a gear geek. I think of photography as a pursuit of awesome moments, the ones I used  to stumble into by accident on my travels. I've learned to actively seek situations that have all the ingredients for awesome to happen, and while there are never guarantees, I  do my best to put myself in situations where the odds are in my favor.

And THAT is what it is all about. Being there. Enjoying the moment. Being part of something huge that makes me feel small , yet rewards me with a feeling of content like no other. I want to be in that situation as often as possible.

Photography has taught me how to have the best chance at finding that, and with camera or without, I'll forever be grateful for this pursuit. Of course I'm totally alright with stumbling into awesome by dumb luck as well. The camera is just there to help me capture some of that. I hope I'm able to share some of the  emotion of these places in these pages.

whew.....anybody still reading this??

I'm also thankful for living in Northern CA, an area that has so much to offer so close to home. Most of these photos are from my backyard. I try to get out as often as I can and will regularly update this page.

I'd   love to see you over on my Facebook page where it's a bit easier to have interaction and comment on the photos in a casual atmosphere.  I also update that page as new photos are added here so you're sure to see the latest.

<- Facebook link to the left. Go ahead it'll be fun!

Thanks for coming by and checking this out!

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